Spinica Cloaking


spider's egg sack
one raw quartz point
three black beads
one carnelian chip
one sodalite chip
one lady bug
black wax


a personal cloaking charm

Spell Casting

in a spider's egg sack constitute:
-one raw quartz point-amplification,protection,cloaking in its clear aura
-three black beads-to symbolize the three faces of hecate and to be cloaked in their shadow
-one carnelian chip-strengthens concentration ,deflects anyone's gazes and spells good or bad
-one sodalite chip- for strengthening the ears and meditational calmness
-one lady bug-for flight and to silence your footfalls
-arnica-to fill-substitute for wolf's bane, catalyst for invisibility
-seal with black wax

"cloak me now in the veil of night,
goddess hecate,
end my fright
take me now from their sights."
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