Umbrakinesis or Sciakinesis is the ability to mentally generate and manipulate darkness, deactivated photons mostly,the absence of light.

Spell Casting

Dimming effect:
Stay in a room where the light is already dimmed. Focus on the area you want to dim further and visualize a wave coming from your body and repelling the photons. As the photons disappear and shadows are engulfing them, you will be able to form a shadow.

Complete darken:
In a place with all the lights on: Focus on repelleing every last photon in the room. Keep this concentration for a whole minute. After so, it should darken.

Moving the photons and the shadow’s:
Once you have completed in the areas above try moving the shadows and the light you will have to be one in all the photon to move it engulf your will over it’s and move it to your liking.
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