Projection of the Burning Hand


One red candle
Dull knife (or your own finger)
Picture of the persons face
Lighter or matches
Candle snuffer


This spell should only be used when someone refuses to leave you alone after being warned thrice.

Spell Casting

Place the items in the center of where you will work. Cast a circle and bless/cleanse your area of other energy. Set the picture of the person on the floor next to you (the picture is an aide and is not necessary). Focus on the picture. Clear your mind of other thoughts and emotions. Visualize this person speaking ill of you to others. Light the red candle. Hold either a completely dull knife, or your right pointer finger up to the palm of your left hand. Stare into the light of the candle and apply a slight twisting pressure to your left center palm. While doing this, visualize the other persons hand catching on fire and burning (while they are gossiping or bugging you). Visualize that person stopping what they are doing and the pain going away. Repeat this process from visualizing there hand catching on fire, to them stopping and it going out, three times. When finished, snuff out the candle, close your circle and clean up.
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