Shining Light of Truth


A Pure Heart
Strong Will
Your Voice


A spell to light the way through the dark.

Spell Casting

This spell will light through darkness and show you the truth.

Draw in power and focus it around the hands. Make two small ki/psi/energy balls in each hand. Slam both hands together while shouting "Verum Fulsi". It is a latin phrase meaning The Truth Shines.

If done correctly a bright flash of light will result and you will be able to see through the dark or see the truth for a short amount of time.

Do not mail with questions pertaining to this spell please for it will work or it will not. You need to be pure of heart to be able to perform it almost flawlessly.

{From a long line of personal spells that work for certain people and written in various languages. Senatus Populusque Romanus}
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