Patron Charm


A single item you own


A charm that represents the essence of your patron god, it could be anything that you want as long as you own it.

Spell Casting

Hold the item firmly and power it with your Essence (channelling) while thinking about the god/godess you have in mind and imagine them powering it themselves and it soon starts to glow and say the following:

"As I hold this ______, I keep in mind my goal, as I hold myself in this, I keep in mind my soul, as I ask for this, may the (god/godess) ______ aid it, and with it, I cast upon my own. As I chant this spell, may (his/her) power in me, dwell. And as I become this, may (his/her) power become bliss."

Finish the spell however you deem fit and leave it in the light of a full moon if possible.
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