Turn a Light On and Off


A light


This spell can make your light turn on and off, the spell is written in old English (but the pronunciation is shown).

Spell Casting

This spell needs concentration and a quiet place, without this you may find it takes longer to work. This spell can be used by anyone.

Start by meditating (although this does not have to be done). Then stare at your light (can be already on)do this for about 20 seconds, make sure you feel a connection (aka you feel as though you can change/manipulate the light). Now say: "ic behéfþ þes léoht æt cierr on/æcyrf, gescéadnes hit nú, hand mec légeléoht swá cíþ hit béon" !

This means :" Ii want this light to turn on/off, do it now, give me light so mote it be!"

ic = ick (ih-k)
þes = bes (b-ez)
æt = et (ea-t)
cierr = (c-air)
mec = (m-e-k)
légeléoht = (leg-e-lot)
léoht = (lot-e)
swá = (swar)

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