Remain Unnoticed


***Somewhat powerful energy manipulation skills.


This isn't as much of a spell as it is energy manipulating. It will NOT make you invisible, and if somebody is specifically looking for you there is no guarentee they will not see you. It is designed to make you slip from other's minds and eyes. Out of sight, out of mind.

Spell Casting

Simply zip up your jacket--no loose articles of clothing flopping around to catch eye. Suck your energy within yourself. You may feel a sensation of not being able to breathe, stomach ache, etc. That is the power of your energy compressing back in your Body, where as it is normally somewhat loose around you (i.e., your aura).  It is dangerous to pull your energy into yourself for too long, because the possible sensation of not being able to breathe is real. You must be careful. Hope it works for you and your needs as well as it helps me get out of school work. :)
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