Mermaid Powers


Cup of water
Two pieces of paper
Picture of the moon


Spell to get mermaid powers. It takes two hours for two powers one hour for one power three hours for three powers and four hours for four powers.

Spell Casting

First off it has to be dark and you have to be inside and you need a picture of the full moon (can be drawn) and then you set a cup of water in the middle of a pentagram made into a circle made out of paper and then write down on a piece of paper what powers you want to be able to have (can have up to four powers) and then you place the piece of paper inside the cup of water and you look at the picture of the full moon for a couple of moments and then you say this chant five times.

"Mermaids, mermaids of the deep, I shall be able to protect the ocean waters and myself from harm. I wish for the powers of () water. So grant me with these powers. So it shall be. So mote it be."

And then it takes one hour for one power two hours for two powers three hours for three powers four hours for four powers. Side effects: if you choose a heat power you will feel hot often and if you choose a freeze power you will feel cold often, headaches, bellyaches, and that's mainly it.
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