Spirit Animal Guidance.

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Find your true spirit Animal with this ritual.

You require 7 White Candles. 1. Design your white candles in a large half-circle. The half-circle should be large enough to have the furthest left and right candle at your sides. The middle candle should be right in front of you. Room temperature should be comfortable for you. This must be done at night. Be sure you do this at a time that will be the least disturbances. 2. Sit in the half-circle. The middle candle should be in front of you as the last candle on your left should be on your left, same at the far one on your right should be at your right.. Candles lit and lights off, sit cross legged and relax yourself. Relax your body and mind. Center yourself. This is not meditation, it is ok to think. But base your thoughts on things that sooth, calm and relax you. Sex is not the ideal thought. Things that excite, confuse, or make you feel emotional are not to be used. 3. Open the nature place in your heart. Dig deep in your sole and open the gate to the: snowy tundra, desert, mountain range, forest, savanna, etc. no Marian. Don't picture a place you like to be. Even if it is not the place you want to be let that place open. Familiarize yourself with this place. No animals will be around, just plant life. 4. When you feel totally comfortable with this place, go in search of the only animal around. It may take going back to this place over and over, but don't rush. It will appear when you are ready. Do not picture any animal in this place, let it come to you. 5. When it comes do not be afraid or disappointed. It has more power than you know. It will have the ability to speak to you telepathically. So speak with it and make friends. Let him know who you are. Give it a name to known by and allow it to become one with you. It will walk, run, or fly to you and move it's self into you. When this happens you will always feel a presence either continuously or from time to time, but you will know its it. Afterwards, leave the world and never return. DO NOT use the same candles twice if you need to do this more than once.

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