Yule Ritual

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On the altar: 2 candles, a wreath with 4 candles around the edges and a 5th (larger) candle in the middle. Outside the circle, food that everyone has brought is prepared for the later Midwinter Feast. 4 quarter candles are in place on the perimeter of the circle. Everyone enters the circle, those calling elements to their quarters. Officiants to center. The circle is cast using water (blessed by both officiants), incense and sword. Water Be cleansed, be pure, be blessed by the Mother. Incense Be holy, be strong, be consecrated to the Lord. Sword By the will and power of all present, we stand outside time, in a place not of earth. As our ancestors before us bade, we join together and are one. Calling the Elements (deocil) (Those calling the elements can use their own wording.) Officiants light the 2 candles on the altar Officiants (alternating by whole verse, first line together, alternating line by line for the last verse.) It is night. The night is for stillness. Let us be still in the presence of the Mother Let us rejoice in the presence of the God. Officiant 1 lights the first candle in the wreath. It is night after a long day. What has been done has been done. What has not been done has not been done; let it be. Night is dark. Let our fears of the darkness, of the world, and of our own lives Rest with you. Night is quiet. Let the quietness of peace enfold us, All dear to us, And all who have no peace. Night heralds the dawn. May we look expectantly to a new day, New joys, New possibilities.1 Officiant 2 lights the second candle in the wreath. The darkest night of the year is upon us. I invite you to give thanks for the blessings and the bounty that you have received. Allow time for people to offer their thanksgivings. Officiant 1 lights the third candle in the wreath. Officiants bring out food and drink (cakes and ale, bread and wine...a shared meal, representative of the food we have to get through the rest of the winter) and elevate the food and drink and then set a portion of it aside in thanks. Officiants (together) We give thinks for the bounty that we have received. The officiants distribute the food and drink around the circle with the words: May you never hunger. May you never thirst. Officiant 2 lights the fourth candle. Officiant 1 The Lord is asleep, Officiants (unison) but the season is turning, All and Spring will come. Officiants light the center candle together. Officiant The Lord bears with him the waxing light of life. The Light grows with him and with us. Dismiss the elements (deocil) (Again, those dismissing the elements use their own wording.) Open Circle Officiant 2 The circle is open, but unbroken. Officiants lighs a torch from the center candle and hold it aloft. Officiants (in unison) The time for Celebration is upon us. Officiants light the fire with the torch. Partying and Feasting ensues.

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