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This is directions for the creation of a safe and secure place to practice ritualistic and summoning magic.

This is directions for the creation of a safe and secure place to practice ritualistic and summoning magic. There are many places people practice their magical craft. Some prefer inside their homes, abandon warehouses, caves, caverns, and forests. These rituals take up a great deal of space so it is not ideal for a caster to clear out their closet and try to use it. Since I am teaching you all what I know I will instruct you on how to create the very same place I use in my craft. You do not have to follow my technique but it has proven to work very well and I highly recommend it to all. I use all of my ritualistic, and summoning castings outside. I do not use them in my back yard. Instead I have a secluded and very secret place on my property that is hidden and away from prying eyes. 1.Go out one day while you have plenty of sunlight and explore a section of wooded area that is away from residential traffic. Some place that is not traveled by hunters, hikers, or the occasional weekend explorer. 2.Take your time and search for a clearing deep inside of the wooded area. This clearing should be approximately thirty feet in a circular diameter. 3.Once you find a suitable place sit down in it for about thirty minutes and listen to the sounds around you. You should only hear the sounds of the woods. If you hear people, traffic, or machinery you need to find another spot for these are distractions you do not need. 4.Now begin clearing the entire area of debris. This includes trees, bushes, shrubs, and even grass. 5.Once this is completed you should be left with an area with nothing but dirt. This sometimes takes days to complete and requires you to do a little manual labor but it is necessary. 6.Now go to the center of your area and mark out a ten foot circle using a stick or what ever. This is just used as a guide line for your reference point. 7.Take a shovel or what ever tools you are using and dig out the circle a few inches deep keeping it nice and level in the bottom. 8.Once completed you now have a perfect ten foot hole that can be anywhere from three to six inches deep. 9.Now I personally used concrete to fill my ten foot diameter hole with, working many hours smoothing it out. Giving myself a nice level work area to do my rituals. But I have seen others take brick or custom chipped stone and create themselves an elaborate floor with mortar. This is up to you how you on what you want your materials to be. The reason the circle is casted in with stone is so that when rain comes it does not wash out the area you have prepared in the defenseless soil. 10.The reason you have cleared an area of a thirty foot diameter is because you do not want any debris falling or getting knocked into you casting circle while you are performing rituals. 11.You can also pour concrete footers for torches around the extra cleared area. But do not over fill the extra area up with things that can be easily thrown or tossed. 12.Never ever ever reveal your casting area to anyone. There are a lot of people out there just waiting for a juicy story to gossip about. And if everyone knows where you hold your activities an enemy of yours can easily plant incriminating evidence of some obscured nature just to cause you harm. The only execptance to this rule is if you are operating chapter of your coven where you live and have members you have recruited, or friends that you can trust who are also members of the same coven that come and cast with you on ritual spells. Now the reason you had to clear off so much land is because sometimes when you are doing a summoning the creatures you call forth are not very nice. And on occasion they will attempt to break into your protective circle using things around them such as branches, water, and even sand. A lot of casting circles for protection require that you write names and words in them, and all it takes is for the words to become unreadable for the protective circle to fail. So If working outside I recommend that you use street chalk that you see children use on sidewalks and ball courts to draw out you circle. This is why I use a very smooth concrete base for my circle. I hope this helps you all in you steps along your journey. -Shadow Craft- High Priest Draco

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