Aura color and Meaning

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Clear Color Meanings RED - Clear strong energy, fire, primal creative force, a strong passion, strong mind and will. Can reflect anger, love, hate and unexpected changes. ORANGE - Clear warmth, creativity, emotions, courage, joy. An opening new awareness. YELLOW - Clear optimism, mental activity, wisdom, intellect, enthusiasm, spiritual development. GREEN - Clear sensitivity, growth, sympathy, calm, reliable, dependable, open-minded, having a healing ability. BLUE - Clear calm, quietness, devotion, truth, lighter shade means active imagination, deeper shade means sense of loneliness, royal blue means honesty, good judgment. VIOLET/PURPLE - Clear warmth, the blending of heart and mind with physical and spiritual, independence, intuition. PINK - Clear compassion, love, purity, joy, comfort, love of art and beauty. WHITE - Clear truth, purity, cleansing and purifying oneself. GRAY - Clear initiation, a movement toward unveiling inability's, intuition. BROWN - Clear above head and around feet means reflects new growth, a desire to accomplish something. BLACK - Clear the person is protecting themselves, a new understanding of burdens. SILVER TWINKLES - Clear great creativity and fertility. Muddy Color Meaning: RED - Muddy temper, aggression. ORANGE - Muddy pride, worry, vanity. YELLOW - Muddy too much thinking, over critical, feeling deprived. GREEN - Muddy uncertainty, jealousy. BLUE - Muddy blocked perceptions, rushing. VIOLET/PURPLE a need to overcome something, intense erotic imagination, over bearing. PINK - Muddy immaturity, lack of truthfulness. WHITE - Muddy needs cleansing. GRAY - Muddy physical imbalances, secretive. BROWN - Muddy across face or touching the head means lack of discrimination. If seen in areas of chakras means those centers need to be cleansed. BLACK - Muddy seen in the outer edges it means holes in the field.

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