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a technique on how to charge the chakras

CHAKRA CHARGING After gaining a complete idea of the condition of the patient’s chakra system, the first step you may wish to employ in treating it is to charge any chakras which require charging. Chakras that are undercharged are in need of having the strength and purity of their functioning restored. Charging them back into a normal, healthy state where they glow with the vibrancy and purity of their true color is necessary for the energetic health of the patient’s entire energy field, and serves as a good foundation upon which further healing work may then be done. In contrast with simply adding energy to the chakras, as is done during the placement of hands, chakras in need of charging are treated by adding their own true color to them in whatever quantity is necessary to supplement their energetic content, eliminate any energetic impurity present and protect against further intrusion of unhealthy energies. This thereby nourishes and charges them back to pure functioning. It is important to understand, also, that the technique given below for charging chakras also works to treat the higher aura levels; when the chakra is treated, the points on the higher aura levels where its influence is felt are also treated. The healing energies are also distributed, infuse into and effect healing changes in the higher layers of aura, up to and including the corresponding aura layer, and the hands are used in this process. The technique is performed with this knowledge that both the chakra and the higher layers of aura are being treated. It serves to correct any weakness or impurity in the chakra’s energetic functioning, and also treats the higher aura layers which may also have unhealthy conditions in them. To charge chakras, you may begin at the highest or lowest chakra in need, as you prefer. Often you may choose to begin at the lowest chakra in need of treatment. To begin at the highest chakra in need, however, is not wrong, and there may be individual preferences on your part to do so, as well as varying needs and conditions within the patient, which may make this a good choice in some cases. To charge chakras, use the following hand positions and procedures: Place your hands on the first chakra you wish to charge, in the hands-overlapping hand position you use during hand placement (hands on the body surface with the right palm centered over the chakra and the left hand gently overlapping). Use this for all except the 1st and 7th chakras. Now visualize the symbol in color, from the basic progression, that corresponds to that chakra, and at the same time see, in your mind’s eye, a cloud of the color surrounding your hands—especially as a cloud or layer of color below the hand, gently penetrating into your patient. You are the entire act of visualizing the symbol in the color, and the cloud of color around the hands, and you are intending and sensing the chakra being restored to its pure color. Seek to restore the color to its pure hue—you may note the chakra color on the back of your hand, using your subtle sight, as it changes. Be a transparent, pure channel for the color. Continue sending color to the chakra, with your hands gently on the body surface for a few moments, or until you sense you have adequately supplemented the chakra with color. After treating the chakra at the lowest level of aura, in this way, raise your hands to about 5 or 6 inches above the body surface, and move your hands apart slightly, so that instead of overlapping with the thumbs and index fingers, they are only overlapping slightly. Continue sending the color in the exact same way as before, but with one addition: you may feel, when your hands are off the body sending color, that you want to move your hands in small semicircular movements, two or three inches in diameter, to help diffuse the color, or merely to have the idea of movement in your mind, as if you were moving imaginary “etheric” hands. Your psychic sense, or the assistance and direction of a guide, may make the hands want to move. If the hands feel driven to move, let them move; if not, do whatever you feel is best. Perhaps you will want to move your hands, perhaps you will not feel driven to do so, and there will be times when one or the other seems best, due to the condition and needs of each particular patient. It will be common, however, for the physical hands to move. Send the color for a few minutes more, at this second level (5 or 6 inches above the body surface), and then raise your hands an additional 5 or 6 inches, so that they are now 10 to 12 inches out. Spread the hands apart a little more, so that they are not quite touching, and send the color to this third level of the field, employing the small semicircular hand movements if you feel it proper. These 5 or 6 inch increments do not exactly correspond to the higher bodies, but roughly so, and they are the increments where one can optimally charge the field with energy and color, so that they effectively move into the higher levels of the field. These increments correspond to the approximate elevations of the chakra points as they exist on the higher bodies—the points on the higher layers of aura that are analogous to those points on the physical body where you place your hands. Continue the increments until you reach the increment that corresponds to the chakra you are charging, and send the color to this final level. You will, for example, in charging a heart chakra, move your hands successively from the body surface (1st level) to 5 to 6 inches above (2nd level), to 10 to 12 inches above (3rd level), and to about 15 to 18 inches above (the 4th incremental level). At each level you will visualize a green trine in your mind’s eye and also visualize a cloud of true color green below your hands. You will thereby effectively send the color to each level for a few moments. At each level up, you must spread your hands apart a little further, as the field of the chakra projects outward as if a funnel. If you are able to sense or view the conditions on the higher bodies, as you perform this technique on the higher layers, you may use this awareness to judge when your treatment at each layer is complete. When treating the lower chakras (the 1st and 2nd), treatment of most of the levels of aura will not be required. You may note that in treating a 2nd chakra, for example, it is only necessary to go to the 2nd level, 5 to 6 inches out, yet you may proceed out a further level or two, on occasion, if you feel it is needed with one of these lower chakras. This is not necessary, however, nor will it usually be required. After charging the chakra using this complete procedure, likewise treat all other chakras in need of charging. You may find that sometimes, as you sense and treat an individual chakra to restore its color, there will be a sullying of the energy surrounding the chakra that may extend as well to the neighboring chakras, requiring that they also be treated. You will therefore need to strive to be continuously aware of not only the chakra you are treating, but also all the others. You will need to maintain a holistic awareness of the chakra system and the layers of aura as well as whatever effects your treatment is having on them. Only the front of the body, and the front component of each chakra needing treatment, is treated during charging. After charging each chakra, you may perceive the color of the chakra as being restored. The 7th and 1st chakras are not as likely to require charging as most of the others, yet if they do, use the following technique: The 7th chakra may be charged using the hands in the same position on the top of the head as is usually used in the first part of treatment. Send the color forth, in this position, and then move your hands to successively higher increments, moving them successively further apart to treat this wide whirlpool-shaped chakra. The first chakra may be charged by placing the hands about 10 inches away from the body surface, diagonally out, along the chakra, and charging the chakra at this one level. This is done as a courtesy to the patient, as the hands are never placed on or near the genital region. Maintaining Transparency—A Reminder: It is especially important to be certain, as you learned in Chios Level II, that whenever you employ a treatment technique that uses the hands, you are aware that you are actually treating the patient using your entire being, through your hands. This is especially important with the techniques in this course, in which you employ visualization in conjunction with hand treatment. Be aware and open to the entire act, with your entire consciousness, and do not consider that it is just your hand alone that is working on some small part of the patient’s energy field. You are acting with your entire self on the patient’s entire self. This is essential for proper practice of chakra charging, chakra rebalancing, the radiatory method and other important techniques taught in this level. ©1994, 2000 Stephen H. Barrett

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