Basics of Magick: Lesson III -defending your space-

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How to defend your space if someone tries to and/or does break in.

When someone tries to enter your space you will feel a small push inside of your head, somewhat like a small headache. The push will increase as the invader gets deeper through your defenses

To learn how to close down, first read lesson two. Take your power and throw it into the air around your space.

Your bricks are nothing more than solid and raw power, so when they come through your close down, you’ll want to link with your wall. To do this go to your space and close your eyes, then breathe deep and feel the power of the wall all around you. Feel the energy’s movement through the stone (you should feel a slight pull), then you are a part of your wall. When the intruder comes near the wall, feel for him, take the closest brick to him and focus on that brick and throw all your mind force at it to make it explode. The more energy you put in the bricks the bigger explosion. Your bricks will become mini magic bombs for defense to scare off/harm the intruder. The explosion should send them running. If they get through that you have one last resort.

When they are inside your wall link with your memory shield and then sit down, concentrate all your energy on the layer closest to you and push with all your might and power, this will destroy everything and any on the outside of your protections as well. After that you will have to rebuild all of your protections.

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