Casting a Solitary Circle

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Solitary Circle for casting when you are alone.

Casting a Solitary Circle Casting the Circle: Place white or appropriately colored candles at the compass points, the altar may be at the center of the circle. A small white or beeswax candle, two larger candles, the censer with unlit incense, the Athamé, a dish of salt, a goblet of water, small cakes or cookies for "cakes and ale," a goblet of wine, an offering dish and any items for work to be done within the cast circle. Take a short moment, eyes closed, to become "At peace" before standing before the altar. Light the small candle and walk toward the east. Light the yellow or white candle from the small candle, saying " Here I call forth the powers of air from the east, that I may be like the air, unfettered and pure." Take a moment to remember the air visualization, and to contemplate the meaning of the east, air and freedom before continuing onward. Light the red or white candle to the south with the small candle saying. "Here I call forth the powers of fire from the south, that I may be like fire, enduring all hardships to become strengthened." Recall your own "trials by fire" and contemplate the possibility of more, the meaning of the words spoken is thought on, and the caster continues. Light the blue or white candle to the west, saying, "Here I call forth the powers of water, that I may be like water, supporting and protecting all that I encounter," Contemplate the water visualization and the meaning of the west in your life. Move on to the North, lighting the green or white candle, saying "Here I call forth the power of Earth, that I may be like earth, grounded at all times." Here ground and think before moving to the east to say. "Welcome Air, Fire, Water, Earth, shine your light and lend your strength to this my circle to night/day." Still moving clockwise, return to the altar, and light the incense saying. "Negative forces be gone, you are not welcome here." Breathe deeply of the incense and banish away negative forces within before circling clockwise thrice with the censer, visualizing hate, jealousy and the like fleeing from the smoke. Returns to the altar pick up the Athamé and pick up a measure of salt with its tip. Inserting the tip of the blade into the water saying. "As man to woman so blade to chalice, I purify this water with love, light and power. " Walk around the circle, sprinkling the salted water about the circle thrice. Returning to the altar, raise the Athamé to the sky and visualize a beam of blue light filling it, walk once around the circle, using the Athamé and its light to "cut" a space between the worlds. This done move to the altar and light the two candles. "Lord and Lady, I invite you to this my worship, that you may look upon my devotions and celebrations and be heartened and strengthened by them." Turn toward the west and announce. "Now is my circle cast, unbreakable and without harm. Thus is sacred space decreed, and no act goes unnoticed. So mote it be." Closing the circle: Thank the Gods for their attentions, snuff their candles. Dismiss individually each element and thank it for lending its strength, Walk around the circle, drawing the blue light back into the Athamé, breathe deep, and take some of the power back. A closing statement usually follows, ending in, "The Circle is open, but ever unbroken...So mote it be."

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