Invocation to Anubis

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A very unique invocation to Anubis. Invocations are not to be taken lightly as you are summoning a god into your body

NAME: Anpu or Anubis (which means 'young dog'),he is also know as Neb-ta-djeser,which translates to 'Lord of the Sacred Land'. SYMBOLS:He holds the was sceptre or sekhem and the Ankh which is the symbol of life,as He plays an important role in the fate of a soul. ANIMALS:The black dog,jackal and the African wolf. ELEMENT:Earth. COLOUR:Black,which was the Egyptian color for re-birth and hope. When calling on Anpu its is important to visualize him as in the photo above,below is an invocation to Anubis note the many names,it is firstly his Greek name,followed by the Egyptian name and finally his title as the lord of the sacred lands. *Invocation to Anubis* 'Hail to Thee,Anubis,Anpu,Neb-ta-djeser! Come to me! Oh high one, Oh mighty one, Oh master of secrets for those in the Underworld, Oh Pharaoh of those in Amenti, Oh Chief Physician, Oh good son of Osiris, He whose face is strong among the Gods, You should appear befor the hand of Osiris. You should serve the souls of Abydos. In order that they all live through you,these souls,the ones of the sacred underworld. Come to the earth! Reveal yourself to me here today!'

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