Candle meanings, and what they are used for.

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I will share a list of color meaning for candles, and what they can be used for. I will also share some ways to use them for spells, and rituals.

Black Candle: A black candle can be used for defense and change. A black candle can represent hidden knowledge, and death. A black candle is also used for banishing, and psychic defense, and can be used for protection.
For an example, if you want to banish someone, or a negative spirit, You can anoint the candle with oil. while painting the candle with oil to banish someone, you always want to move the finger away from you because you are trying to get rid of energies.

White Candle: A white candle promotes serenity, peace, and can enhance personal strengthened insight. A white candle also represents purity, cleansing, protection, and bestowing health to another.
For an example, you can use a white candle to make a wish, or you can go to each room to purify your home.

Green Candle: A green candle helps bring your ideas to life and amplifies prosperity. A green candle can be used for money, wealth, and material items.

Red Candle: A red candle can be used for creativity, Love, Attraction, Vitality, war, aggression,sex, and passion.
A red candle is most commonly used for love spells. you can simply light up a candle, and visualize what the desire goal is, or you can use it in a ritual bath.

Blue Candle:  A blue candle can be used for happiness, work, obtaining a job, or change in careers. blue candle can also be used for friendship, and can connect with your chakra, and any emotional wounds that need healing. A simple spell to wish for healing is as easy as that. you cast different spells, and this is a simple way to get started if you are new to spell casting.

Yellow Candle: A yellow candle can be used for health, happiness, and can help with wits, intelligence , alertness, and intuition. A yellow candle can also be used to enhance networking and social skills which can enhance new career opportunities.
This would be a good way to create a spell for career enhancement.

Orange Candle: An orange candle can be used for endurance, thought, and inspiration. A orange candle can also be used to encourage your ambition.

Purple Candle: A purple candle can also be used for sex, rejuvenation, and can also be used to boost enlightenment and creativity. A lot of people commonly use purple candles for truth spells, but can also be used for different things.

Pink Candle: A a pink candle can be used for romance, Lust, and happiness. You can use a simple wishing spell to welcome love in your life.

Light Yellow Candle: A light yellow candle can be used to help gain honor, wisdom, and harmonious communication.

Brown Candle: brown can help with all things concerning, grounding, stability, and can be used relating to your resources such as possessions, pets, children, health, endurance, and courage.

Ivory Candle: An ivory candle is used to help to be full of home and vitality.

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