A Brotherhood Satanic Witch's Cauldron

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A witch's cauldron is one of the most uniquely used magickal tools a Brotherhood Witch can have on hand. Aside from it dating back centuries as being the center point of a witch's hearth for both warmth and cooking food, it has been used in modern years as a vessel for many dark magickal workings. Commonly recognized for its womb-like structure, cauldrons are connected deeply with the Divine Feminine and represent creation, alchemy, and transformation making it the perfect tool for any spell or ritual. I give full credit to the Coven Brotherhood of Satan for this post

Traditional cauldrons are usually made of black cast iron and form the shape of a round bowl, but in modern days we have other vessels that can be used as cauldrons just as well. Take a regular cooking pot for example. It has the womb-like structure to place items and ingredients in for dark magickal workings just like the traditional cauldron. A tea kettle is another great alternative to the traditional cauldron along with crockpots, dutch ovens, and even coffee cups!

So now that you know what a cauldron is and what it symbolizes, you're probably wondering how you'd use one in your dark magickal Brotherhood Witch practice. You're in luck because today I decided to briefly share with you 5 uses for the witch's cauldron, all of which can be accomplished by beginner Satanic witches and experienced Satanic witches alike.

1. Burning Candles: Many witches use their cauldrons as candle holders when casting candle spells. Image Candles included. Not only does it keep the melted wax contained but it also connects a transformative dark feminine energy into your spellwork. You can also add crystals and herbs to the bottom of your cauldron to amplify the magickal properties of your candle spell.

2. Magickal Brews: Brewing herbal concoctions in your cauldron is a wonderful way to cast spells or increase certain vibrations in your Satanic Sanctum and home. Simply simmer herbs on your stovetop to emit their Magick scent into the air. The Brotherhood likes to brew our Dark Arts Home herbal blend mix once a week or so to keep the vibrations lifted and strong. This Magickal Brew can be used for protecting your sacred space and home too.

3. Divination: There are multiple ways to use your cauldron for divinatory purposes, but it also depends on the type of cauldron you're using. Coffee cups are small but great for scrying in the blackness of the non-creamer coffee. Tasseography also known as tea leaf reading, is done after the tea has already been swallowed. The Brotherhood Witch also believes that the traditional black cast iron cauldron filled with water also does work quite well for scrying and gazing into a reflective surface to see messages from our Ancestors, Demons, Demonesses, and those of the dead.

4. Fire Spells: If you're using a fire safe cauldron then you can easily cast fire spells using your cauldron. Again, the Brotherhood Covens do this quite often. A fire spell you can do while using your cauldron is to write a petition on a piece of parchment paper and fold it up then cupping it in your hands, infusing the petition with your will and intent. Touch it to the flame of the spell candle and let it burn in your cauldron to cast the Brotherhood spell !

5. Kitchen Magick: Using your cauldron for cooking magickal meals is likely the most obvious way to use your cauldron, but its worthy of noting. The Brotherhood will often prepare our Sabbat meals & feasts in a large cooking cauldron. Simply using your cauldron for its intended purpose such as brewing magickal tea, making Witches Stew, or even simply to boil water for Ritual Bath usages are all things that can be done with your own dark magickal touches. Placing your intent into your cooking is a common Satanic Witch practice and a very powerful way to practice real kitchen magick.

Now that the Brotherhood has passed on some great ideas on what you could use as a cauldron, how to use a actual cauldron, and how to practice your own personal and individual dark magick with it, its time you may want to begin using real Brotherhood cauldron magick. Thank you all for your time.

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