Moon Magick

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The energy of the Moon is archetypically feminine, receptive, mirroring, & cyclical. She represents the deep listening & intuitive lunar consciousness in men & women.

The practice of Moon Magick unfolds through our alignment with the natural rhythm of the moon's cycle:

~Full Moon: Time to shine & share what we're experiencing & doing. 

~Waxing Gibbous: Time to nurture & support whatever we want to create or change. 

~First Quarter: Time to plant seeds & set intentions. 

~Waxing Crescent: Time to dream & explore new potential. 

~New Moon: Time to rest up & let go of all that no longer serves us. 

~Waning Crescent: Time to integrate. 

~Last Quarter: Time to harvest. 

~Waning Gibbous: Time to complete & to keep going. 



~The cycle of the Moon & the Wheel of the Year share the same basic pattern of the circle & the cross. 
~There are symbolic & literal correspondences between the Moon cycle & women's menstrual cycle, which can be synchronized in various ways. I'll provide examples below. 


~First Quarter:

~Full Moon: 

~Last Quarter: 

~New Moon: 


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