A Gnostic Prayer to Barbelo

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Barbelo is the Mother-Father and goddess of Knowledge, Magick, and angels in Gnosticism. This prayer is a devotion to her.

How shall I pray to you, Barbelo, the nameless and unknowable, The infinite and eternal, Self-generating, Self-begetting, Mother and Father, Holy One- Your name is no name, It is only an indication, Your being is No-Thingness, Yet you are ground of all; If anyone speaks of you, it is a lie, And prayer to you is surely a deception, For you are the Hidden God, the Alien God, Whom no mortal has ever seen at anytime- Those who worship you, do not know you, But those who know you, they understand perfect worship, There is no offering you invoke, no rite that you demand, There is no law that you give but the freedom of will, Your Messenger has spoken clearly, saying, “Worship the Most High in Spirit and truth.” You are Agatho Daimon, the Great Spirit, You are the Virgin of Light, the Bornless One, Emanating the Human one of Light and Sophia, And all of the Immortals of the Pleroma- Through these you reveal yourself and impart your Divine Gnosis, Yet, as you are in yourself, you are the Great Unknown, the Unmanifest; If there is a prayer to you it is your Holy Spirit in me that prays, the Divine I Am, For only the Perfect can invoke your Holy Name and pray in your Divine Presence. All in the Speaking Silence of Primordial Meditation, A prayer of Pure Being, the Great Seth: Amen.

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