Prayer to Asherah

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This is a prayer asking the goddess Asherah for guidance. Asherah is the goddess of nature, fertility, and the sea, she is the wife of El Shadaai or God Almighty.

Oh Great Goddess Asherah, I pray to you. Your Sacred pillars show me to stand tall, strong and proud. But I am only human and I fear failure. Beloved Mother Creatrix, hear my prayer, For I am your daughter/son and I need you now, Fill me with your energy, Fill me with your moral strength, Give me insight on what I should do, Oh Great Goddess Asherah I pray to you. I have searched far and wide and found only you as my guide, I have searched without as well as within, And there I found you waiting. Oh Great Lady Asherah of the sea, fill me, guide me, be with me from this day on until forever, I will follow you. Blessed be.

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