Pendulum Cleansing

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Methods for pendulum cleansing and work.

Occasionally, after a few uses, a pendulum can give inaccurate or whacky answers. For this I recommend a cleanse. 

For pendulums safe for liquid cleansings I like to use such waters and oils as holy water or blessing water, essential oils mixed with a base oil, and especially those with protective qualities as we are discussing divination. Examples of these are eucalyptus and pine. 

I recommend an herbal or smoke cleanse. 

For an herbal cleanse a bowl is used along with an herb of choice. Again, I favor herbs and plants with protective qualities. Such plants are especially useful if one attempts much spirit divination, or otherwise feels a need for extra protection. Any herb can be used in theory, yet a consideration of the plants folklore can aid in lending specific meaning to one's sessions. For an herbal cleanse one places their pendulum in the bowl of herbs for a period of time. This is usually determined by the practitioner. 

For a smoke cleanse:

For a smoke cleanse an incense or plant is used. One wafts the smoke over and around the pendulum. Good options for a smoke cleanse are sandalwood, dragon's blood, rosemary, patchouli, etc. 

One technique I use before cleansing is to correct my pendulum. I do this after a whacky session. I simply intend: "You stop this." Honestly I attempt this in the case of spirit attachment. If perchance something wayward or otherwise is fooling with my pendulum. Then I will go on to cleanse. 

Note: As well as water soluble stones, materials that water can damage such as wood and metals (rust) should receive an herbal or smoke cleanse. 

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