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Information on besoms, their use in magic and folklore.

Besoms a.k.a Brooms - Magic & Folklore

Elemental Association: Air

Uses : Purification, Protection, Good Luck

The Broom in Folklore & Superstition:

The Broom in Magic and Witchcraft:

The first person on record, to use a broom for witchcraft was Guillaume Edelin, in 1453. He was a self-proclaimed French, male witch.

Traditionally, the broom or besom was made from dried brush corn. However, other woods have been used as well. Birch twigs and willow were other common woods used to make besoms. Ash, Cedar, Birch and Pine can also be used and are good for purification, protection and the drawing of spirits.

Most commonly, the broom is used to clear space and prepare an area for ritual work. The broom is used to sweep away negative or stagnant energy in the area where a protective or magic circle will be cast. The act of sweeping removes these energies and promotes the flow of positive and beneficial energy in the ritual area.

In sympathetic magic, the broom has also been used to bring rain. Beating water with a broom or swinging the broom above your head, was believed to promote rainfall.

Other magical practices involving the broom are:

Placing a broom above your door will keep negative energy and spirits out.

A small broom placed under the pillow of a baby, or on the handle of the bedroom door, will bring protection and keep nightmares away.

Crossing two brooms and hanging them on your door will bring protection to the home and those that dwell within it.

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