Types of Christian Witches

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There is not just one type of Christian Witch: There are several!

These are some of the various types of Christian Witch:

  1. Christopagan
  2. Witches for Jesus
  3. Pagans for Jesus
  4. Trinitarian Wiccan
  5. Christian Wiccan
  6. Christian Witch
  7. Gnostic Christian

I thought I'd offer up some definitions as best I could. If you want to challenge that definition, go right ahead! :) This is a discussion about what each term means and how it identifies types of Craft and/or worship. If you think a definition isn't correct, please amend it with your own :)

Christopagan (1a): One who believes God exists in all gods of traditionally pagan pantheons; that each pagan god is effectively a part of God.

Christopagan (1b): One who believes in the Christian Pantheon of angels, saints, and Biblical figures

Witches for Jesus (2): A witch who practices the teachings of Jesus as a person, but may or may not include a belief of Jesus as the son of God

Pagans for Jesus (3): A pagan who practices the teachings of Jesus as a person, may or may not believe He is the son of God depending on the person and the worship

Trinitarian Wiccan (4): Similar to Christian Wiccan (or synonymous?), Trinitarian Wiccans are driven by belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ as the son of God. They believe that the Goddess is part of the Holy Trinity, as opposed to a separate entity from God, and usually in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Wiccan (5): Similar to Trinitarian Wiccan (or synonymous?), Christian Wiccans are also driven by belief in the Bible and Jesus Christ as the son of God. They typically take the more traditional route of Wicca and God and Goddess worship and consider the Horned God as God from the Bible.

Christian Witch (6): A Christian of any denomination that practices Witchcraft, usually through Prayer Magick, candle magick, and intentions, though they can practice various types of magick. Usually, Christian Witches are solelywhite magick workers. Christian Witches may or may not have a belief in the Wiccan Goddess.

Gnostic Christian (7): A Christian with a belief in the Gnostic teaching of the Demiurge, Sophia, and the True God. Typically they practice the art of Kabbalah.

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