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The basics to sigils

Sigils are one of the most basic forms of magick. Sigils are symbols that essentially represent your "desire" of some sort. They work with your subconscious to help you achieve a wish, goal, etc. A common misconception is that sigils magically make your wishes come true. This is however not the case. Sigils help you achieve your goal, you still have to do something. For example if you make a sigil to get good marks on a test, you still have to study and put in the effort. A sigil only assists you. Sigils are great for broom closet dwellers!!

In this article I will talk about how to make a sigil and how they work.

Things to remember when making sigils:

Stating your desire in a negative way will affect your sigil because your subconscious has a hard time understanding those words. State your desire in a positive way, instead of "I'm not mean anymore" say "I am nice"

Your subconscious also has a hard time understanding time and tensesso instead of "I will be nice" use "I am nice"

If you use want statements, you might never achieve your goal fully. For example if you say "I want to be nice" you will always feel like you want to be nice, never actually becoming nice.

How to make a sigil:

The most frequent way to make a sigil is as follows:

  1. Focus on your intent or goal
  2. Write it down in a single sentence (try to make it short but specific)
  3. Cross out all the vowels and repeating letters
  4. Arrange the remaining letters into a symbol
  5. Charge your sigil

One of the main concerns beginners have after making their sigil is "did I do it right" , "it doesn't look right". The thing is, you can't get it wrong. You may think your doing it wrong but you're probably not. Some concerns people have are "it doesn't look magical", "it looks too much like the original letters", "it looks nothing like the original letters", etc. Sigils don't need to look like anything specific but they work better when they look 'pleasing' to you- and only you will know when it looks 'pleasing'!

Activating a sigil:

There are many ways to activate a sigil, some of the popular ways are as follows:

  1. Meditate and focus on your intent, imagine the intent flowing into the sigil
  2. Charge it with moonlight or sunlight (this way is very simple, just place it buy your window!)
  3. Set it as your phone wallpaper and then charge your phone
  4. Burn it over a candle


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