Holy Water

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Where to obtain Holy Water

Where To Obtain Holy Water

Holy Water is an extremely powerful tool in spell work. It can be used for spiritual protection and blessing various items or or even rooms in your home. Where do you get it? Can you make it? Let's dive in.

Obtaining Holy Water is relatively easy. You simply go to any Catholic Church and ask for it. That right! It's that simple. Usually you will have to bring your own vessel to carry it in. Why go to a Catholic Church? Because Priests are the ones who bless the water. They have the tools and rites to do so. Why can't you make it yourself? This is due to the fact Priests have been given authority through apostolic succession. What does that mean? It means the Priests have been ordained by Bishops who can be traced back to the beginning of the Church. This gives them the Holy authority to bless the water in the name of God.

So the long answer to a short question would be to just get your Holy Water from a source you know will be pure and help your spell work to the fullest extent.

Peace be with you.

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