Halloween Magic, October 31st, 2019

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Learn a bit about Halloween and Halloween Magic.

What we call Halloween is called Samhain in the Pagan world. They are loosely related but are not really the same thing. Samhainis the Pagan new year when our ancestors come to visit us. Halloween on the other hand comes from November 1st being "All Saints Day" and so the day before was called "All Hallows Eve" (similar to Christmas and Christmas Eve). All Hallows Eve eventually became known as Halloween and slowly over decades incorporated many Pagan traditions and imagery.

If you are interested more about the origins of Halloween and its traditions I recommend this article from the History Channel:

However, if you want to know about Halloween magic, then keep on reading.

Halloween / Samhain(for the purposes of this article and the audience we'll just call it Halloween from now on) is a very magical time. It lies in the middle of the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. As such it is the boundary between the cool Fall temperatures and the long, hard, cold winter about to come.

This means that certain types of magic will be more powerful than other. This particular year, 2019, the New Moon will just be beginning to form, amplifying better New Moon Magic.

Halloween Magic Spells

In general love spells, good fortune spells and spells which summon entities are best performed during Halloween.

New Moon Magic Spells

New moons are a time for new beginnings. It is also a time for dark magic. These two don't have to be opposite of each other, as you may use some sort of dark magic to get rid of someone in your life and start anew without them.

Spell Casting tips specifically for Halloween

Halloween in 2019 is on a Thursday, so for best effects casting on Thursday night at midnight would bring in the most power. However, casting earlier in the evening, middle of the day, or even on the following weekend are also all very valid and powerful times to cast your spells.

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