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This is a spell, and a artical about how to get akumatized.

How to get akumatized? Well first, try to get negative emotions in you. Think of something that ticks you off, like for instance, if someone told you an anoyying joke. Get Jelaus, like someone who got a Hour or electronic time. Get sad, like if you don't have a dad. Feel it Run through you!!! Now this is the spell to get akumatized, first grab a piece of paper, grab a pencil, then write your akumatized name, after that write powers, then draw akumatized self, color it in, AND BAM!!! Your akumatized self, WAIT!!! THERE'S MORE!!! (sorry if I spam) Say 3 times, SLOWLY "By the power of hawkmoth, make me a villain for this reason, this reason ONLY, So hawky, 123, grant me these powers, SO MOTE IT BE!!!" Now you will probably see a black butterfly IF still mad, DON'T PANIC,that's the Akuma, now pick up an object that fits with the name and powers, AND BAM, hawky will talk to you, GOODBYE EVERYONE!!!

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