Beginner Potion-Making - Lesson 4 - Practice Part 1

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In this course, we are going to create a very easy-to-make ointment in order to help you understand better the quantities of the ingredients we are going to use.

We are going to create the Nova Pellis Ointment. It is used as a cure for dry and crusty skin. It is not supposed to be used on rashes or irritated (red) skin. It should not be applied to open wounds. It is not supposed to be applied more often than once a week on the same portion of the skin. In order to proceed with this course, you are in need of certain materials and ingredients: I. Materials: 1. cauldron 2. bowl 3. 2 tablespoons 4. one cup 5. broom 6. cloak 7. wand A. Now I would like you to answer the following questions and check with the answers at the end of the article: a. Why are we in need of 2 tablespoons? Could we use one tablespoon if we wash it after using it? b. What do we use the broom for if the potion does not specify a certain usage for it? c. Why do we need a cloak for? d. What is the usage for the wand? e. Make a list for the essential items and a list for the optional items for the ones above. II. Ingredients: 1. coconut butter (1/2 cup) 2. brown sugar (2 tbs) 3. honey (1 tbs) 4. grapefruit essential oil (4-5 drops) B. Answer the questions below and check with the answers at the end of the article: a. What is the base of the potion? b. What is the active ingredient of the potion? c. Which ones are the adjuvants? d. Which adjuvant could be changed? III. Recipe: 1. Rinse the cauldron in some water. Place the cauldron on the fire. 2. Add the coconut butter to the cauldron. 3. After the coconut butter has melted, put in the bowl. 4. Add the honey and mix. 5. Add the brown sugar and mix. 6. Place a few drops of the essential oil and mix once more. 7. Bless the ointment. Answers to the questions above: A. a. There is a need for at least 2 tablespoons, one for the ingredients and one for mixing. The ingredients should only meet each other in the bowl. And yes, if we wash and dry a spoon, we could only use one, though highly impractical. b. The broom is used to swipe up the place before starting making the potion, in order to banish bad energy. c. Having a certain piece of clothing for potion-making helps to gain a certain state of mind, a better focus and a sense of ritualistic behaviour in which we are more focused on what we plan to achieve. d. A wand is used when blessing the potion or when chanting (not the case here). It helps to direct our own energy and thoughts into the potion. e. Essential items: cauldron (or replacement), bowl, one cup, at least one tablespoon. Optional items: broom, cloak, wand. B. a. Coconut Butter b. Brown Sugar c. Honey and Grapefruit Essential Oil d. The Grapefruit Essential Oil can be replaced with any sort of essential oil. The ointment works best with the one recommended by the recipe, though. The next questions you are supposed to answer in a message to me and discuss a little about them in private. 1. How can one be able to create this ointment without using a cauldron or something similar? 2. Why Grapefruit Essential Oil works better compared to the other essential oils? 3. Could we consider (in this potion) the base to also be an active ingredient? Why?

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