Demon Chaser Healing Potion: Depression

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Originally known as Fuga Daemonum Potion, this one is based on the curative power of St. John's Wort.


Items needed:



1. Put the moon water in the cauldron and let it boil for just a second. Meanwhile, crush the St. John wort leaves in a grinder.

2. Put the fire out and add St. John wort leaves. Mix.

3. Add the saffron and continue the mix.

4. Let the water to cool for just a little, then add the camomile and the lavender.

5. Let the water cool until it reaches below 34 degrees C. After that you can add the honey, mix it very well and drink it. There is no chant related to this potion, so I would personally just ask for a blessing from a healing God.

Warning! Normal Dose Range for St. John's Wort:  600 mg twice a day, for an adult above 50 kg. (1200 mg total per day). Do not ingest more than that.

Side effects in case of an overdose include: upset stomach, dry mouth, headache, fatigue, dizziness, confusion, sexual dysfunction and sensitivity to sunlight.

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