The Erebus Veil Protection Ointment

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This ointment is used for protection against spells that are potentially harmful, coming from a person who wishes bad towards another.

Items needed: - holy water (500 ml) - basil powder (5 tablespoons) - cayenne pepper (2 tablespoons) - sea salt (3 tablespoons) - powdered hydrangea blossoms (5 tablespoons) - white candle Recipe: 1. At the exact midst of the Witching Hour, light the White Candle and say "Erebus, come bring your shadows into my ointment, let the evil caster feel the disappointment, take your price from whom takes it from you, let your shadows take upon them what is due." 2. The fire from the candle must touch and bless the right hand of a virgin. 3. The Holy Water must touch the virgin's hand while falling down into the cauldron. 4. Add all the ingredients while the ointment is being mixed by the virgin's hand constantly, 1 time clockwise, 1 time anticlockwise and so on. 5. Blow off the candle. The ointment should be stored and used when needed. In order to use it, let your fingers touch the ointment and throw drops at the person you want to protect while saying "Abscondere in praestigiae!". The midst of Witching Hour removes the protection, therefore it is better to use the ointment right after it to benefit from almost 24-hour protection. !If the evil caster is a virgin, the protection veil is not going to work, as "virgin hands that created the veil cannot deceive virgin hands with the shadows of the veil"!

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