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Beginner spells, tips, and ideas.

"What spell should I try first?"

This is something that comes up quite often. Now that you've studied the basics and have a good understanding of them and magical practice, it's time to take the next step and perform your first spell. What spell should you do? What tools do you need? Does it have to be fancy? Let's take a step back and instead of focusing on a specific spell, look at some of the means by which you can create those spells.

Keep in mind this is just to offer tips and ideas on how to create some simple spells. It is here to serve as a helpful guide, and not a be all end all to spell crafting and casting.

I will also say this, as I have many times before,keep in mind that you also do not need tools to help with spells, they are just another means to help you focus on the task at hand, your intent, etc. You don't need to limit your practice just because you don't have this or that on hand.


One of the easiest places to start is with candles.In this type of magic, candles represent one of four things: people, things, emotions or influences. The candle is influenced or focused upon by the caster to influence or change one of the previously listed items.

Candles & Magic:

The following list of candle colors is used when working magic involving emotions or influences.


Candles that represent people:

The candle colors that represent people are based on their birth date and their zodiac sign.

The candle for a specific individual can either be their primary candle color or both the primary and secondary colors. If you don't know the individual's zodiac sign or date of birth you can use a white candle instead.

The candle that represents the practitioner or the individual that the spell is being performed for is called the "Petitioner candle." This candle is anointed with oil and then lit. A chant or verse is usually said while lighting the candle in order to set the candle's intended purpose, which is also visualized while saying the chant or verse. The candle can then be left to burn out.

An example of this would be candle magic to help speed the healing of an ill loved one. Light the Petitioner candle and name the intended individual in your verse or chant. You can then light a red candle for health and black candle curing of illness. Set the Petitioner candle in between the red and black candles. Continue to say your chant and as you do, slowly move the red candle toward the Petitioner candle to represent the individual increasing in good health. At the same time, move the black candle away from the Petitioner candle to represent the illness diminishing. Once finished you can either snuff out the candles or allow them to burn out on their own.


You also don't have to do anything as elaborate as described above. Candle magic can be as easy as anointing a candle, charging it with your intent, and then burning the candle to release your desire out into the universe. You can even carve your intent into the candle and pray over it before burning it.


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Sachets are small bags filled with herbs and used for a specific purpose. Ex: love, luck, protection, etc. The color of the bag and the herbs and items held within it all pertain to your purpose or intent. You can also draw symbols on the outside of the bag(s) that pertain to your goal. I have provided an example below for anyone that wishes to try making a sachet.

Herbal Sachet for Protection:

Items Needed:

Use the marker to draw a shield or other protective symbol(s) on the outside of the bag. Once done, begin placing the herbs into the bag and recite the following: Lavender, anise, and bay all tied up in a bag of red. Evil and negativity they will prevent. They will keep me protected both day and night. Repeat this as you place each of the herbs into the bag and tie it shut. As you do this be sure to visualize your words filling the bag and the herbs with the power of protection. Once you've finished creating the sachet you can carry it with you in either your pocket or your purse. Also, remember to charge the bag every so often so that it obtains its protective properties. The information on herbal sachet creation was obtained from the following source, however, I added my own personal twist to this particular charm sachet. Feel free to do the same.

Source: Herb Magic for Beginners: Down-to-Earth Enchantments ~ Ellen Dugan


Jar & Container Spells:

This type of spell is just as the name would suggest. It is a type of spell in which all the materials are placed into a jar, box, etc. I have provided an example of one below to give you an idea.

Items Needed:

Before casting this spell, meditate on your wish, or what exactly it is that you would like this spell to bring into your life.

When you are ready, slowly add the items into the jar, and visualize each one helping to bring your wish into manifestation. You can also say a small chant or statement associated with what it is you want. For example, if I was doing this spell to attract a lover, I would add in rose petals, violets, paper hearts, and a slip of paper listing the qualities of the ideal lover that I wanted to attract. (Remember to be very specific with what it is you want, but do not name an actual person, in this case.) I would visualize each of these things helping me find the man or woman that had these qualities. When you are done filling the jar, place the lid on it and tie the ribbon around the lid, now place your candle on top, and focus on your wish.

Mediate on it and visualize your wish as clearly as possible, now take the second sheet of paper and burn it in the candles flame. As the paper burns, know that your will has been released into the universe. You can repeat this daily (I do it as long as I feel it is needed), or until your wish starts to manifest.

Also keep in mind that you will need to take steps to help your wish along its way. For example, if you are doing this for love, try to get out more to meet new people, or work on kindling a relationship with someone you already know or have feelings for. If you do not take action, chances are your spell will not be able to help you much.

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