Werewolves and the Moon Phases

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Different moons effect us differently. If you are just awakening this will be a helpful guide to controlling your changes.

Werewolf biology for both females and males is greatly influenced by the moon and her phases. Each werewolf is bound to the phase of the moon under which they first transformed. During that phase they are especially drawn to assuming the transitional form. Werewolves with insufficient, and some may say unnatural, willpower are irresistibly compelled to assume the transitional form during the height of their moon phase.

There are also other behavioral changes that occur preceding one's moon-time. A werewolf approaching their moon-time will become increasingly irritable, emotional and aggressive.

As with humans and the zodiac, werewolves assume a psychological affinity with their Particular moon phase, called their moon aspect.

January - Wolf Moon - High werewolf activity

February- Ice Moon - No unusual Effect

March - Storm Moon - A sort of sick feeling overtakes the werewolves and makes them sleepy

April - Pink Moon - Less aggressive werewolves

May - Hare Moon - No unusual Effect

June - Flower Moon - No unusual Effect

July - Thunder Moon - No unusual Effect

August - Lightening Moon - No unusual Effect

September - Harvest Moon - The first full moon closest to the autumnal equinox .causes werewolves to have more power due to the increased moonlight. Although it doesn't increase aggression all that much.

October - Blood Moon - General increase in werewolf activity. We are more aggressive and dangerous in nature. The moon of werewolf origin. Also called the sanguine moon or hunters moon.

November - Frost Moon - No unusual Effect

December - Yule Moon - Causes werewolves to not transform in some cases. Super Moon- Moon closest to Earth. Causes an extra powerful and aggressive hulked werewolf.

Lunar Eclipse - It's rumored that the werewolf virus is vulnerable during an eclipse and that there's a chance for a cure and the restoration of full humanity.

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