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This is to break down many perspectives of love spells and beliefs in this category since it seems to be the reason most people come to this site

There are many opinions on love spells, and it is a very debatable topic on this site.

First, let's break it down to what you are trying to achieve in a love spell:

This is a very realistic one, say one may be putting themselves down and are tired of feeling awful and just want to give themselves a break, which is reasonable. Someone else may say reaching out to a deity [Example: Cupid, Eros etc] that can be known to assist in issues like this.

What else is known to be helpful is what is called a love bath that includes:
2 TBSP Salt and 1/4 CUP Rose Petals 
Pour the salt and stir in a clockwise direction, get in and for about 15 minutes, visualize and feel the rose petals spreading their energy into the bath with you. This is best done at night since when you get out you should sleep (or nap) and wake up feeling better.

Another realistic point, some may be ready to find a new love but don't know where to go, how to look, etc.

Spells often work through instincts for example: Wanting to find a career that will pay your rent, buy your food, etc. You would cast a career spell and while walking past a store you would see a newspaper rack and something tells you to take one, you get home and read to find a job offer then that accepts you after the interview. 

These types of love anonymous spells often work that way, such as deciding where you should spend your weekend, how you should, etc; all that could be leading up to a new love. 

There are many ways to cast a spell like this and many of them include the same, or different things here is a common one:
Two roses, Two red taper candles, and one long red ribbon
Placing the candles on the table after filling them with loving energy making it sure that you are open to what will help you find someone for you. Light the candles (first light one candle, and then light the other with the first candle). Tie the two roses together concentrating on their petals imagining you and someone else meeting. 
Then chant the following: "This ribbon does bind two loving hearts. True love I desire. Kindred spirits now unite. So this will be."
Gaze at the candles and allow them to burn down. Trust the work has been taken.

This is likely the reason most people come to this site, is because their ex had broken up with them and they still want something with them, it is understandable how desperate anyone can be in situations like this, and it isn't easy going through these kinds of situations. Let's look at the different viewpoints of these types of spells: 

  1. You cannot interfere with free will
    Some have the belief that no matter what, you cannot control what someone does and how they think, so you shouldn't waste your energy with these kinds of spells because it is impossible to manipulate someone's free will like that. 
  2. Attraction must already be there between the two if it has a chance of working at all
    More than looks, personality, traits, etc unless some type of romantic attraction is already between the two people, love spells will not work.
  3.  Love spells will work, but you have to know the person personally
    Let's be realistic: You can't expect a celebrity or even someone from school to fall in love with you especially if they don't even know who you are! It would have to ( in most cases ) to be more than just a 'hello' every day. Some may suggest a confidence spell that will help you become more confident in coming up to this person, saying more than hello and building a relationship with them. Then a spell like that would work.
  4. Love spells shouldn't be cast because they are not real feelings
    Some believe that you shouldn't cast a love spell on anyone, because they would only be under the influence of a spell and it wouldn't be 'real love

Since we have boiled it down a bit, everyone has their own opinion, and you are entitled to your own without judgment.

To answer some common questions I hear about love spells, I have listed a few questions below, you are welcome to add a comment asking about something that wasn't listed

To cover some of the things that were not talked about in this article, you may have heard of the 'honey jar sweetening spell' and I did not include that because it technically is not a love spell, it is only to help someone's attitude towards you or something a bit smoother. I had not included a spell in the last bulleted list because there are tons upon millions of those kinds of spells you can find on this site, in books, online and on youtube.

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