Guide to the Elements

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by GuruHaley

For beginners, or anyone needing a better understanding of the elements, GuruHaley has provided us with this:

Fire is the element of power. People who harness this element have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want. It is also the element of purity, helping remove harmful influences or 'sin' that could've been the problem for your self worth.

Air is the element of freedom. People who harness this element tend to detach themselves from worldly concern to find peace and freedom. It is also the element of light, helping to inspire and lift others out of darkness.

Water is the element of change. People who harness this element are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love, that holds them together through anything. It is also the element of health, the energy of water is used to wash away aches and pains, and knit emotional aspects to heal traumas.

Earth is the element of substance. People who harness this element are diverse and strong. They are presistent, and enduring. It is also the element of growth, helping what has been mended and/or smoothed.

The Spirit element is a little more complexed. It is the combination of all the other elements in one body, and finding the balance in themselves is what makes them so unique, and powerful. This is known as the element of balance, keeping an open mind to the world around them and helping to guide others to a better place in themselves and around them.

Fire : The Sun is their geatest source of energy

Air : The Wind is their greatest source of Energy

Water : The Moon is their greatest source of energy.

Earth : The Forest is their greatest source of energy.

Spirit : The Planets and The Stars are their greatest source energy.


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