Enlightenmant Ritual

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Prepares you to cast spells and also aids you in casting them.

This spell requires two blue candles and one candle to portray yourself, and sandalwood oil. Anoint candles with the oil and visualize yourself being in a trancelike state.

Place blue candles on either side of the chosen candle; light the blue candles and say unto thyself:

"Spirit guides/ higher self hear my plea. Come now and converse with me. Walk me and guide me through this veil trance, I ask of you."

Now sit in a comfortable position and become aware of your breathing patterns. Inhale deeply, exhale deeply, listen to rhythmic body and breathing motions. Become relaxed and close your eyes. Focus on your third eye and visualize red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, indigo, purple, and white in order. Hold each color for a count of five. Watch as it fades into each color, still focusing on third eye.

With your eyes still closed, feel your breath and your chest rise and fall with each intake of air. Visualize your breath as it changes into waves. Now visualize a door on water. Visualize yourself go in and visit with your spirit guide and ask questions. Trust the answers you receive.

When you are done, walk out of the door, watch the waves turn back into breathing patterns. Now open your eyes and say upon yourself:

"I return to earth again. Thank you spirit self and friends."

Then blow out the candles in reverse order, first your chosen candle and then the blue candles.

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