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by Admira

I will spend these months explaining to you what Jotun Folk are. And How to work with them and a few Jotun folk names and how to work and honor them.

I tend to work with Island and Sea Jotun along with The Rokkr. The Rokkr are sometimes mentioned as shadow Jotun.

When I post about certain entities the first thing after the title is what group they belong to. Some will belong to more than one group, however, most will be in just one group. I will be putting the Jotun Folk into groups.

All of this information is based on experience, study, practice and hard work with dedication.

So what are the Jotun?

Jotun are Giants. Please do not laugh as this is a very serious subject of matters. Giants have been in the tales and myths throughout the ages from The Bible's Old Testaments(Anakim/Nimrod), Book of Samuel(Goliath), The Grimm Tale of Jack The Giant Killer (Cormoran), Argos The one Hundred eyed Giant(Greek), Cacus(Greek), Cyclops(Polyphemus), Greyon(Greek/Medusa Grandson), and the Daitya(Hindu).

Some people believed the Greek Titans are a form of Giants. As With some believe the Celtic Formorians are as well.

When most people think of Giants they often think of the Harry potter Version. Slow stupid and use there earwax for glue. But truth is Giants are just as smart and intelligent as they are brutal.

The Jotun were honored like Gods as well as Feared as Monsters. The Aesir would come to the Jotun for there knowledge on Elemental Magic and due to that many of them feared the Jotun.

There are different types of names for the Jotun.

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