Gods and Godesses Part1/2

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this is to show many gods and goddesses that many dont realize there are! see them!

heres a list of all the Gods and Godesses(greek) Zeus:God of the sky and ruler of the olympian gods. Hera:Queen of the sky and wife/sister of the God Zeus Athena:Goddess of wisdom,courage,inspiration,civilization,law and justice,strategic warfare.ETC. Apollo:oracular god Artemis:Goddess of the hunt Aphrodite:Godess of love,beauty Ares:reffered as the god of war Dionysus:God of the vine Hades:god of the underworld hephaestus:was known as the god of fire. workman of the immortals Hermes:Messenger of the gods Poseidon:God of the sea Demeter:Goddess of harvest and fertility Hera:Queen of the Olympian gods Hestia:sibling of Demeter,Hades,Hera,Zeus. Tyche:Goddess of Good and Bad luck Calypso:Nymph in the island of Ogygia Circe:A goddess of Magic Hecate:The goddess of magic,crossroad,moon,ghost,witchcraft and necromancy Hemera:Primordial goddess of Day and night Iris:Greek goddess of the rainbow persephone:goddess of vegetation, and spring Selene:goddess of the moon Urania:one of the muses , of atrology and astronomy (heres some of the lists!) add more soon!

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