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Great spirit to call upon to assist one in matters of romance and gifts. Also helpful in concerns to intuition.

The Ars Goetia “The Fifty-sixth Spirit is Gremory, or Gamori. He is a Duke Strong and Powerful, and appeareth in the Form of a Beautiful woman, with a Duchess’s Crown tied about her waist, and riding on a Great Camel. His Office is to tell of all things Past, Present, and to Come; and of Treasures Hid, and what they lie in; and to procure the Love of Women both Young and Old. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits. There are many ways to work with this great spirit and though considered a goeatic entity there should be no fear or shunning due to misunderstanding or prejudice. We should take time to make any and all topics of magick our business and so happens an amazing result fulfilled by this spirit on my behalf. I struggled with my love life for a while now and simply sought out petition magick as it can be practical and fulfilling. My journey brought me to this spirit, which oddly stood out as if deep down I knew the assistance I needed was readily available. Sure there are many other Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Spirit guides, Ancestors, etc. whom you could write a simple petition to and wait patiently (Which is important), while working on real world efforts to make room for this manifestation to effortlessly be bestowed. IT WORKED! I wrote a simple straight forward petition in present tense stating that “Attractive,healthy, male lover pampers me.” I will place this story on hold as far as sharing on forum as this petition has come into fruitation and I am still envolved and wish to stay anynomous. This is to fulfill my part which is to share of the great works this spirit can offer with hope that others may also keep an open mind and seek knowledge without fear and gain enlightenment. Things marred throughout history for one nation’s advantage and another’s downfall have become occult for a reason. And there are many treasures and great experiences one can benefit from in concerns to working with the spirits of Goetia. They were painted thus to keep dabblers and closed minded at bay as can be said with all occult knowledge. The brave who walk the path of an occultist make it their business to get true answers and experience the fruits of labour and harvest well deserved. So try your hand at this spirit! My post may come off vague; never due to laziness or to be mysteriously obscure but to encourage another if just one at least, whom it could help garner a great experience and self exploring revelations. Blessing be!

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