Hate Something you really Love

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Are you sick of being made fun of because you like something? If so then try this spell.

For this spell, you will need: A bottle cap, piece of paper, writing tool, glue and a knife (please use safely).

1. Trace cap on paper

2. Cut out the circle

3. Glue the circle onto the cap

4. Write on the cap what you want to hate

5. Say enchantment : "I wish to not like [thing you want to hate]. I wish for it not to be part of my life. Remove [thing you want to hate] from me, I wish to hate [thing you want to hate], so mote it be.

6. Stab the cap with the blade. As your blade sinks into the cap say the enchantment again (to the end of the enchantment add "I am sick of being made fun of because of [thing you wish to hate] get me to hate it so mote it be").

Warning: This will not work on living things, if it does not work you spelled it wrong, hesitated, or you don't really want to hate it.

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