Raising Energy.

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Ways to raise energy. By soulgray.

As you know, energy is the fuel source of magick. But the energy you send out from yourself doesn't just appear. You have to do what is called raising energy. You need to build up the energy within you until it reaches a high peak and crashed out of you. Once it crashed out of you, you will need to be sure you direct it correctly, or the energy will not do what it's meant to. Here are some basic ways to raise energy:


One of the most powerful ways to alter consciousness and raise energy is with the use of steady percussive rhythm--by drumming, rattling, clicking sticks, or other methods. Drums draw up energy from the Earth, from your body, from the drum itself, and from spirits who are called by the drum. Depending on the rhythm and tempo, percussion can stir hundreds of people to a night of rapturous dancing (which raises more energy) or one of stillness and deep trance. There are many wonderful books, tapes, and classes on drumming, and every Witch should have a drum or a rattle to work with. This would be a fun way to learn how to raise energy.


In my experience, dancing is one of the greatest ways to raise energy. Dancing is joyful and physical; all you have to do is a have passion when you're doing it. And whatever purpose you're raising energy for, dancing has the added benefit of making you feel absolutely blissful. The most ancient, and easiest, forms of dancing are done in circles. When in a group, Witches hold hands, in order to keep the energies of the group connected, and the dancers move deosil around the circle. Some dances use particular steps, but most tend to be free form. When you dance, whether in a group or all by yourself, move faster and faster until you reach a crescendo. Then stop the circle and direct the energy where it needs to go. Don't be shy when you dance with others: no one is watching or judging you. Remember, movement and enthusiasm are contagious; start and others will be inspired to dance along. And in fact, not only does dancing raise energy, but it blends and unifies it when you're in a group. One of the most important aspects of raising energy while dancing is to push through the first wave of exhaustion to find tremendous and euphoric new levels of energy to draw upon. The results are astonishing, both in terms of magick and the realization that you are capable of far more than you think you are. Dancing to raise energy also reminds us that magick is joyful and should be celebrated!


 Dancing can turn into a simple circular run, or you can begin raising energy by just running in the first place. It can raise a lot of energy! If you're in a group, just make sure everyone is up for it. Running is hard, but well-worth the end result.


 It's so hard to dance and drum without wanting to sing or chant or do something with your voice! Chanting is like singing without music--or if you want, you can add music. You can simply repeat the same words or sounds over and over again, or you can do a free-form chant and just make it all up as you go. You can also hum one tone or chant a single word. Chanting is a universal spiritual practice, and repetitive chanting is an ancient and effective way to alter consciousness. Of course, you can also sing instead of merely chanting. When you're alone, you don't need to worry about how bad you sound. When you're in a group, you'll probably feel self-conscious, but you'll get over it as you realize that you can't even distinguish your own voice when singing in a group. It will sound incredible as long as you have a passion for it. When coming up with chants or songs, try to keep the lines simple and easy to remember. If you're going to shift into an altered state of consciousness, elaborate lyrics will only distract you and keep you from achieving that altered state. Keep it simple and rhythmic. Rhyming can also help you remember it and provide a natural rhythm.


Music is a combination of drumming, rattling, chanting, and singing, and it definitely makes dancing more joyful. Music has one of the most amazing powers to evoke feeling, particularly a feeling of divine presence. I'm sure all of you have exprienced that music is magick. You can listen to music on tapes, CDs, or the radio to help you raise energy. Listen to New Age, classical, pop, country, rock--whatever you want, whatever makes you feel the energy within you. You can also learn to play an instrument as well!


Sex is probably the greatest way to raise energy. Sex has the natural build-up and release that you need when raising energy. Make sure your partner is into what you're doing and that you're both concentrating on the same goal. It's very hard to raise energy with sex because it's so easy to lose your focus. You'll need a vast amount of willpower to raise energy through sex. The results are worth it though! These are just a few of the most common ways to raise energy. You can really do whatever you want, so long as you're raising energy. This is the fun part of magick. Enjoy it!

source: www.witchesgrimoire.com/bos/magick/raisingenergy.htm

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