The Dark Dead

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Information is coming from Liber Falxifer II, a book on necromancy.

NOTE I find these spirits absolutely fascinating, but due to the dangerous nature of these entities, I will not instruct on how to employ them. If you wish to do so, then I suggest you get the book. Information is coming from Liber Falxifer II, a book on necromancy. What Are The Dark Dead? They are the restless, tormented and tormenting souls of the earthbound dead, who because of their lack of spirit and their material obsessions, consciously or unconsciously cling to their earthly existence, or because of some other reason have so become bound to suffer as one of the in tranquil and lonely shades haunting this world. The Murderous Dead- These are the shades of the hateful, the violent and of those with an immense bloodlust and murderous rage in life who in death continue to strive for bloodshed and the demise of others. What They Can Be Used For The souls of these obsessed murderers can in a very efficient manner provoke acts of violence, bloodshed, suicide and murder. NOTE: These spirits can turn on the one that employs them. The Murdered Dead -These are those amongst the Dark Dead that have remained in a shocked state of both mind and soul and because of the violence that has led to their demise often become bound to and haunt their places of death. They may not always seek conscious and directed vengeance, but they are most often in a confused and enraged state, caught in a state where they relive the terror and pain of their own murder. What They Can Be Used For These dead can cause much harm and are often bringers of confusion, anger, mental anguish and madness, but they can also provoke violence and murder, as they can influence the minds of the living. The Burnt and the Burning Dead -These are the ones that have been burnt alive and in death still remain within the flames of their mind and soul afflicting pain and horror. The other sub-category falling under this heading is those amongst the perverse dead that have been obsessed pyromaniacs and arsonists in life that have caused the suffering and deaths of others through fire and taken delight in the agony and destruction that they have induced and still seek to cause. In either case, these kinds of Dark Dead remain in death obsessed with burning and fire. What They Can Be Used For They often cause pain, terror, madness and horrible accidents, disfigurements and death by the way of fire. The Drowned Dead -These are those restless souls of the drowned which often stay attached to and trapped within the bodies of water where they have died and there they often cause drowning accidents. What They Can Be Used For they are known to be effective bringers of nightmares, madness and in some cases serious breathing problems and suffocation. The Insane Dead -These are the lunatics afflicted with mind shattering forms of insanity in life which has carried over with them even in death and there binds them to a nightmarish, earthbound, existence. Because of their mental confusion these Dark Dead can often not grasp their own deaths and continue to haunt their familiar surroundings, people or the things that they have felt some form of strong attachment to in life, in a state of perpetual madness. What They Can Be Used For These insane souls cause nightmares, confusion and madness and are known to be effective destroyers of the minds of the living, as their lunacy is most contagious in the cases where they attach themselves to them. The Plague Bearing Dead -These are some of those that have died because of painful and contagious diseases that in life had destroyed both their bodies and minds. They remain obsessed with their sickness and suffering even in death and become thus bound to a state of nightmarish anguish. What They Can Be Used For These Dark Dead are called the plague bearers as they can afflict the living with the symptoms of their own diseases and so also manifest such sickness physically, as the seed of any sickness is first planted in the subtle planes before it can manifest in flesh. The Suicides -These are the souls of certain suicides who in death have not found any escape nor rest and continue to obsess about that which they had sought to escape through the death of their bodies and because of their attachments they remain bound by their futile self-destructive impulses. What They Can Be Used For These tormented shades possess the power to cause sorrow, madness, fear and depression and can provoke suicidal and self-destructive tendencies. The Vengeful Dead -These are those amongst the Dark Dead who in life have been and in death continue to be obsessed with their just or unjust strive for vengeance. These shades serve all forms of retaliation and are best worked by those sharing, on a very deep level, their own obsessive sentiments concerning vengeance. What They Can Be Used For Intranquil souls such as these are effective when merciless and harsh justice is sought and they are especially good to employ when the target has wronged someone in similar manners that one of these dead considers themselves to have been wronged. WARNING!!! Shades such as these are very dangerous as they easily can possess the minds of those who call upon them and one must therefore possess sufficient knowledge and fortification before souls such as these are worked with. I do not have an issue with possession, but I would rather not have these entities be the ones to do so lol. So obviously, if you are a beginner and/or have a weak Will, stay away from these entities. The Unrepentant Dead These are the souls of hardened, impenitent and merciless criminals obsessed because of their vices and material attachments. What They Can Be Used For They are called upon within certain contexts in order to combat and escape the law and successfully commit crimes, in return for offerings pertaining to and satisfying their base desires, or addictions, which they had in life and continue to have in death. NOTE: Be careful with these entities as well. Also, I am not encouraging anyone to commit a crime, but what you do is on you. =p. The Lonely Dead These are the tormented souls of the cheerless, regretful and lonely dead, often thought to be in a state of purging suffering, without anyone ever having cared for them or loved them and it is this perceived lack of love and kindness which often is thought to be the cause of their obsession and unnatural attachment to the realm of the living. Some of these souls are believed to suffer in death because of some presumed sin or wrongdoing, which they obsessed about in life and continue to do so in death. What They Can Be Used For These mournful Dark Dead are most often called upon in order to cause regret and sorrow, or in order to afflict a person's five senses with all of their own sufferings until he/she does as demanded of him/her, but these tormented souls can also cause depression, self destructive behaviour and even provoke suicide. The Cursed Dead These are the Dark Dead who have died because of some form of sorcery that had been directed towards them in life and they are often in death bound by that same curse and made to remain a captive of the elements or spirits which had caused their unnatural deaths. NOTE: These damned shades are only accessible and useful if one knows how and why they became cursed and by which powers they in death are kept subjugated. Most often such privileged knowledge is only accessible to the one who has caused the death of the soul in question, but there are of course other esoteric means through which one can learn about the fate befallen the dead. The Stinging, Crawling and Snaring Dead -These are those amongst the restless dead who have been killed by poisonous insects, spiders or other crawling and venomous animals. They are caught within a perpetual nightmare of their own death and that which has killed them and their shades often assume bizarre forms because of the unnatural synthesis between their own human souls and that of the shadow of the creature that had killed them. Another reason for the manifestation of these insectoid or otherwise crawling and stinging forms of the Dark Dead can also be an extreme phobia, obsession or attraction towards these kinds of creatures in life. What They Can Be Used For These dead can leave actual bite marks upon the body of their victim, swarm them in their nightmares and cause sickness of both body, mind and soul. The Vampiric Dead -These vampiric shades hunger for the very life-force of all living beings and because of their conscious or unconscious parasitic impulses and traits developed in life they continue to act as souls obsessed by and craving for the Breaths of Life they themselves are unable to produce, or maintain, through natural means. The atavistic form assumed by these Night Flyers is that of bats or nocturnal birds of prey and they are also known to possess the attributes of the Succubi and Incubi when stalking the dreams of the living. What They Can Be Used For Dark Dead such as these possess the power to empty a target of his/her vitality, bring weakness, sickness, nightmares and madness and slowly cause death through the siphoning and theft of the target's vital force. Originally created by Mr. Karnal.

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