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This is my method of cursing, and should be used as an example or general guide only. You can do this in whatever manner you feel most suits your own needs or goals.

My Cursing Methods and Mechanics:

When I work with cursing I either make a curse doll or jar. For the jar, I fill it with pins or needles and then pictures or other objects associated with the individual and then I'll add in herbs and other items associated with my intent.

For the dolls or poppets,I either draw or stitch sigils into the poppet (the sigil is associated with what I desire the outcome of the spell to be) and then fill the poppet with herbs, personal belongings, etc. I then work the magic while focusing on the poppet bringing about whatever my will is on or against the targeted individual. If you use personal belongings (such as a hairband), something they've written on,  or something of that nature, it works a bit better, in my opinion, as it acts as a direct link to the individual(s).

For my sigils/hex signs I have a specific one that I use to bring about general misfortune and bad luck. I affectionately call it"The Mark of Afflictions." Why you ask? Because I feel it a suitable name.

It acts as a physical representations of my will, so to speak, and when I stitch it into the poppet I visualize it essentially latching onto the person and hanging around to bring them misfortune and bad luck until I deem it necessary to remove it.

I allow myself to focus on all the things this person has done to me (or to others that I care about, given the situation at hand) and use that to gather emotional energy. When I feel myself get to the peak of anger toward this individual I focus on that and use it to help guide my will. I will also say a chant over the poppet that is associated with my intent to help seal it, and then send out my will to bring about trouble for the troublemaker.

My Dismantling Process:

I dismantle mine via fire. Essentially, the flames "eat away" at the negative energy and remove it from the individual onto whom the hex was cast. As the poppet burns I will visualize the energy associated with it dissipating, and say such words to back up that intent/goal.

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