Understanding Energy

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Understanding energy and how to use it.

Energy is a scientifically known force which everything is made up of. The three things everything is made up of is energy, particles, and atoms. By sciences point of view, energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be moved, channeled, or directed. You can attain energy by various ways. You can take a nap, have a cup of coffee, or you can take energy. With some people, working with energy is quite simple whereas is can be quite difficult for others. The one thing you need to be able to do if you want to work with energy, which includes casting spells, is being able to visualize properly. If you dont know what visualization is, quite simply put its known as imagining things. To take energy from someone or something, you need to think of the person or thing and visualize seeing their energy. You can feel it. You can feel the mood theyre in and why. If you take negative energy from someone, its going to be negative. If its positive, the same thing applies. While you can change positive energy into negative energy, its much easier to visualize getting the energy you wish to acquire than turning what something was into something you want to be. An example would be taking energy from green and living trees to put towards sending a curse. It would have it's benefits because trees are everywhere and may extend the influence of your spell, meaning that if the person you are doing a spell for happens to be a little ways away, trees will be the common energy between you and that person. Once you have the feel for the person, using my personal technique, visualize their energy as a mist or like a vapour gas, green for good and black for bad, and take what you want. Make sure not to take too much as the person who you are taking it from needs it to. If you were to constantly take energy from a tree, it would eventually die due to not being able to restore it's energy quickly enough.
Using the same technique and keeping the same things in mind from the above paragraphs, reverse it so instead of taking energy, youre giving it. You dont have to always take energy for you, you can always take energy for someone else. If you were to heal someone, it might be wise to take energy from a couple trees to help maintain energy levels in both the healer and the one being healed.
Energy work, once you get the hang of it, is fairly simple. I wouldn't say its easy, but in my years as a practitioner I have learned nothing is truly easy. Its either less difficult to grasp or requires a a lot of time and dedicated effort to learn and be able to practice other things, many of which require a knowledge of how energy works and how to use it in their practices to their advantage.
Energy can be used for a large number of things including spell casting, offerings, astral projection, work effort, attention, and, well, of a lot more. Because everything is made of energy, you can use everything in your magical practices and rituals. Once you master the ability of energy work and manipulating it successfully, you will begin your true journey to understanding magic and the world around you to a more satisfying and rewarding level. The places and things energy will take you is incredible, and if you learn how to manipulate it, you learn how to create a bond and relationship with the world and your surroundings to an almost intimate level when you are truly relishing in the moment of your doing this practice, because that's what it is. No one can or ever will master energy, we can only practice and practice and try to grow to understand different concepts and perspectives of how it works, but in reality, we all view it differently and in the end, all I can do it hope that my understanding of energy might help someone else who has no understanding of energy.

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