Handfasting Ritual Manuscript

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This is a manuscript for Handfasting, or Wiccan weddings.

Handfasting historically began in Northern Europe around the 16th century as a way to have a trial marriage for a year. This was due to the fact few priests lived in rural areas, and sending for them was a long, costly process. Within this time the couple would live as husband and wife.

By the end of the year, if the marriage was deemed successful by both parties, a priest was called to make it official. Today, Handfastings are seen as Pagan wedding ceremonies.

These can be edited to suit your specific path, with the only common element being you and your lovers hands being tied together to spiritually bond your energies into one. Handfasting can be preformed by the couple alone as a spiritual wedding before their Gods, or friends.

They can be preformed by anyone however, if you wish for a legal wedding try and seek a High Priest or High Priestess who can legally perform marriages. You may still have a HP or HPS preform the ceremony without these legal documents, but you will need an officiant present to sign the documents required for a legal marriage.

Bellow is a very simple ritual you can do should you wish. You may add or remove what you wish to make it more personal to you.

High Priestess : We are here on this day to celebrate the beautiful union of the lovers (Name) and (Name).

High priest : thank you for coming.

HP and HPS : so mote it be!

High Priestess : Now, will the two hold hands and face one another?

The HP and HPS tie the lovers' hands together.

High Priestess : (Bride's Name), do you vow to be the friend, and loving partner of (Groom's Name) for as long as this marriage is, which we hope is eternal?

Bride : I do.

High Priest : do you, (Grooms Name), vow to be the friend, and loving partner of (Brides Name) for as long as this marriage is, which we hope is eternal?

Groom : I do.

High Priest : By binding your hands together so too do you bind your lives together. May you go forth together, hand in hand.

High Priestess : Please exchange your token of love.

(Traditionally exchange rings, but can be a shell, feather, necklace, or any other object)

High Priest : By exchanging of the tokens of love you vow to be with each other until death do you part?

Couple : we do.

High Priestess : With the blessing of the Lord and Lady and the loved ones gathered here today I pronounce you (husband/wife wife/wife husband/husband whatever the chosen title may be)

High Priest and/or High Priestess will slip the cord of the couples hands and place them in a box, bless it, and hand it to the couple.

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