Hair growth the witchy way

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A recipe for hair growth that will not only help your hair grow back but keep it strong and healthy too.

My, my, hello everyone. I am Lunarwitch2. Now onto the subject of hair growth and treatment.

I am quite sure many of you have tried some sort of hair growth treatment only to find out that the money you spent was a major waste right? You poor things. You don't need useless chemicals and silly hair nets.

You need my family's hair growth recipe. Straight out of my mothers Book of Shadows. That's right folks. I am using my moms recipe. After getting my hair cut too short, this has actually come in handy.

Now first off you need several ingredients.

They are:


Mix all ingredients in equal proportions except for the plant extracts. Add the whole container of those. Mix until the mixture is thick like hair gel. Be sure to keep at room temperature.

No heat is needed. Just mix and use after each wash. No rinse needed.

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