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This is a short info on making spells.

Before you begin to post any spells on this website, please read this article before you post anything on here. Hello, I am a member of this site and have been finding lots of rubbish spells. And by what I mean by rubbish spells is that lately there have been spells posted claiming to turn you into a werewolf, vampire, mermaid, and many ridiculous things. I mean HELLO! Why are those spells being posted? There are even more fake spells claiming to turn you into some kind of anime nonsense. The truth is, they won't work. I am only posting this due to finding students of my school go on this website and believing that these spells work. They are not members(unlike me), but have been believing in those fake spells. I do not want some children to try the fake spells thinking that their fantasies come true and end up dying or be harmed due to trying out a flying spell or whatever sort of nonsense. The other spells and rituals I've seen on this site are real and factual, but the others have been unbelievable. PLEASE take notice of this and post only spells and rituals that work with your experience of it. And please do not copyright or claim someone else's work for credit. Not only that, but tell the truth people, please. It's been getting harder to find trustworthy spells and members now. We all know when someone is lying when they claim to be an angel, demon, fairy, or whatever. Those claiming to be shamans or actual practitioners of magic can also be lying. I am not saying that everyone is lying here, but that some can be deceiving. And be honest please. We want truth, not more fictional lies. I thought the purpose of this website was to learn more things and learn truth. Not to find more gibberish. So please, post only things you have actual experience with. Not more nonsense.

* All information on this page is provided by the coven or person named and the contents of this page is not mediated by the administrators of the website. Please use common sense when following any directions on this page. Do not ingest anything which does not seem safe. If you suspect the content of this page to be intentionally deceiving please contact us immediately.
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