Seeing Fae and Nature Spirits Part 1

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Some information on them and how to attract them

Faeries/Nature Spirits, whatever you wish to call them are made up of energy. Just like a dead person is made up of energy. Therefore they are all of the same...lets say "family". All divine or magickal beings. So, lets get some things straight first. Please DO NOT attract or summon them simply "just to see them" or try to harm them. They get easily offended and are very shy, thus from humans trying to hurt them or offending them. Please DO NOT attract or summon them so they can "grant you a wish". I've never heard nor seen a Fae who grants wishes. If you are kind and polite, they should be too! What do they look like?: Little glowing orbs, or maybe sometimes you will see a full "body". Also remember that some are mean and may hurt you, some are not very glamourous looking either. How can I attract them? You can talk to them outloud or in your mind. Humans nearly always have faeries around them at some point in their life, but because of our disbelief, daily lives, lack of will to learn about them, or closed third eye it is hard to recognize them. You must tell them you believe, that you wish to help them and listen to them. Leave out bowls of milk and honey, tea, cream, sugar, cakes, anything sweet! Even fruit! Do I have to go into nature to see them? No. Not at all. I have fae who come to me in my bedroom, shops, school. Its all a matter of their comfort. Some may be more shy than others. How can they help me? In many ways! Doing jobs around your home, protecting your home and garden, protecting wildlife and pets, and many are willing to do more, its just a matter of getting their trust and acceptance, they might even do it without showing themselves! Food: Anything sweet Drink: Water, milk, sap or dew Types: There's so many different types of Fae, they may vary depending on climate, region etc. Garden: Plant flowers, wildflowers and flowers that attract butterflies, insects, hummingbirds. Leave out bird feeders and bird baths. And lastly, be eco - friendly. They'll especially love this!!! Coming Soon Part 2

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