How to make your own Tarot deck

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You will learn how to make your own Tarot deck so it would be cheaper on your money.

You will need:


1. Draw the front of the cards. (You can use printable if you like. If you're going to have them pre colored if your printer can do that, that's okay too. But you don't know what you're missing.)
2. Cut out the front of the cards.
3. Draw the back of the cards on separate paper. (That way the front won't be ruined. If you're using color construction paper, you can cut out designs)
4. Cut out the back.
5. Glue the front and back of the cards together.
6. After the glue is dry, bless the cards with the smoke from the incense.
7. You might want to laminate the cards so the drawn parts of the cards won't fade or get wet.
Here's a tip: If you draw just the Major Arcana and only print out the Minor Arcana, here's where you can really get creative. You can make the Major Arcana look however you want. For instance, I drew the Major Arcana after Motorcity (a show that used to be on Disney). You can make it look whatever you want, it's your deck.

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