Letters to the Ancestral Dead

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Prayers to the dead are intoned to keep the connection between you and them and are said to help them continue to work on their own karma. Prayers for assistance are used to bridge the gap between the worlds and draw the protection you need on this plane around you with their help. Supplies: -A Purple Candle -Paper -Pen -An Envelope -3 Stones

Instructions: Light the candle, intoning prayers for the deceased. Say: "I honor my Grandfather and Grandmother, Who have passed beyond the Veil. May the light of everlasting love and peace Always surround you." Write a letter to one of the people you honored in the prayer. Detail the problem. Ask for their assistance. Place the letter in the envelope and seal with a kiss. Release the circle by drawing the energy into the letter. Take the letter outside and place on top of three stones arranged like a pyramid. Repeat the prayer of honor. Burn the letter. Let the cool ashes escape in the wind. Leave the stones the way you have placed them. Know that help is on the way.

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